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Representing Democrats in Grimes Precincts 1 - 5, Jefferson

Where we meet: Follow our Facebook page for updates on location.

When we meet: The first Thursday of each month

What time: 6:00 pm CT

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Grimes Area Dems Event Calendar



August 1 at 5 pm

Grimes Community Center

August Potluck

Join us for fun, food, and an insightful conversation about the upcoming general election and candidates.

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Sept. 5 at 6 pm

Grimes Community Center

Our September Meeting

The Polk City Dems will join us for a insightful evening to discuss the results preparations for the November general.

Grimes Fall Festival


Oct. 10 at 10 am

South Sports Complex

Grimes Fall Festival

Stop by the Grimes Area Dems booth during the annual Grimes Fall Festival. Meet candidates, register to vote, and more.

Grimes Area Dems Leadership Team

Sarah Schaefer.jpg

Sarah Schaefer


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Amanda Jensen


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Denise Perez

Vice Chair

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Cindy Newtown Bishop


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Ann Gale


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Stefanie Wager


Resources & Information

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Voter Registration

If you need to register to vote in the upcoming primary or general election, or you are wanting to confirm that you are already registered, tap here.

Friends Having Coffee


Bringing our residents together to participate and engage to elect Democratic candidates to local, state, and federal office. To learn more, click here.

Bake Back Better Bakers.jpg

Bake Back Better

Exchanging cupcakes for donations for  progressive groups and candidates.

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