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Our Candidates.

Scroll below to see all of our candidates for the November 2024 general election or search by position:

Iowa Senate  -  Iowa House  -  Polk County President

U.S. Congress
Lanon Baccam - 3rd District Congressional Candidate_edited.jpg

Lanon Baccam

U.S. House - IA03

Matt Blake for Iowa Senate

Matt Blake

Senate District 22


Nate Boulton for Senate

Nate Boulton

Senate District 20

East DSM, Altoona, Pleasant Hill

Claire Celsi

Claire Celsi

Senate District 16

Clive, WDM,

Windsor Heights

Janet Petersen

Janet Petersen

Senate District 18

Northwest DSM

Iowa Senate
Iowa House
Re-elect Austin Baeth to HD 36

Austin Baeth

House District 36

DSM Westside, Downtown

Ruth Ann Gaines for HD 33

Ruth Ann Gaines

House District 33

DSM Eastside, Downtown

Heather Matson for re-election to HD 42

Heather Matson

House District 42


Rick Olson for HD 39

Rick Olson

House District 39

DSM Eastside

Sean Bagniewski

Sean Bagniewski

House District 35

Northwest DSM

Rob Johnson for Iowa House.webp

Rob Johnson

House District 34

DSM Northwest, Downtown

Tiara Mays for HD 43

Tiara Mays-Sims

House District 43

Johnston, Urbandale, Ankeny, DSM

Megan Srinivas.jpeg

Megan Srinivas

House District 30

DSM Southside

Molly Buck for HD 41

Molly Buck

House District 41


House Democrat leader Jennifer Konfrst

Jennifer Konfrst

House District 32

Clive, WDM,

Windsor Heights

Elect Larry McBurney for Iowa HD44

Larry McBurney

House District 44


Vote Heather Sievers for Iowa House

Heather Sievers

House District 40

Altoona, Ankeny

Lynne Campbell for Iowa HD46

Lynne Campbell

House District 46


Mary Madison for HD 31

Mary Madison

House District 31

West Des Moines

Brian Meyer.jpg

Brian Meyer

House District 29

DSM Downtown, Southside

Tony Thompson for Iowa HD45

Tony Thompson

House District 45

Altoona, Bondurant, Grimes, Pleasant Hill

Polk County
Jamie Fitzgerald

Jamie Fitzgerald

County Auditor

Sheriff Kevin Schneider

Kevin Schneider

County Sheriff

John Forbes for County Supervisor_edited

John Forbes

County Supervisor

District 2

Kim Hagemann for Polk Co Supervisor

Kim Hagemann

County Supervisor

District 3

Miglin for Broadlawns Trustee

Dave Miglin

Broadlawns Trustee

Iowa Senate
Iowa House
Polk County
U.S. Presidency
Pres Biden.jpeg

Joe Biden

President of the United States of America

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